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RFID Technology in Practice

Chamber of Commerce and SDD Information Technology Group with partners organized attractive event

Belgrade, 8th October 2010

SDD Information Technology Group, company specialized in application of RFID technology, with partners, and Belgrade Chamber of Commerce organized business event named RFID Technology in Practice on 7th October 2010 in Belgrade.  

Through interesting and understandable presentation held by director of GS1 Serbia Mr. Miroslav Ilić and representatives of SDD ITG, numerous attendees from different economy sectors received an image of broad application possibilities of this complex modern technology and its impact on business operations of different organizations.

Crowded room hosting companies coming from various industries proved widespread attractiveness of the presented theme. SDD ITG introduced modern products and solutions dedicated to time attendance, access control, automatic vehicle identification, fare collection in public transport, management of bus station, guard tour control and many others. Comprehensive overview helped attendees identify potential benefits of implementation of this high technology in their organizations.  

SDD ITG shared a part of valuable experience and knowledge collected during 10 years of operating in the field. Various questions and discussions arisen after the event pointed at the curiosity and need of Serbian market for professional and reliable partner capable to cover almost every request in domain of RFID application, while offering high-quality solutions, services and consulting.


Bussiness Seminar about RGID Technology Applications 2008

The Society for Information Technology, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce,  and SDD ITG have organized business-professional meeting dedicated to the RFID technology applications.

Hardware solutions (up to the level of chip) for systems for booking, ticketing, access control, electronic fare collection, automatic vehicle identification, fuel dispenser control, bus station platform access control produced by the local companies were presented on the meeting. This was followed by the presentation of appropriate software solutions for management of the systems based on RFID.  


A peek at the Future of IT Security taken today

SDD ITG, franchising partner of Inter Engineering, the established and renowned Value Added Data Security distributor, and Belgrade Chamber of Commerce organized a workshop named “Future of IT Security, prepared today” on 24th March 2010 in Belgrade.

Mr. Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering CEO, showed to umerous attendees of different profile an image of threat landscape today and its impact on modern digitalized business, as well as information about latest Data Security solutions.

Among many interesting issues, Inter Engineering presented modern hacking tools and latest methods, but also explained other sources and directions of attacks, surprising listeners with statistics concerning harm done to the organization’s IT security by its own employees, on purpose or by accident. Comprehensive overview helped audience understand risks every organization in global environment is facing in the attempt to protect its most valuable asset - information.

Great success of the first Data Security event Inter Engineering organized in Serbia encourage us to continue to invest in knowledge and expertise of our team, thus delivering extra value to existing and potential partners and end users and truly being one-stop-Data-Security-shop.    

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