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Terminal for Fiscal Cahs Register Memory Reading

Terminal for Remote Administration of Fiscal Cash Registers ITGcc-04 offers the following to its users:

1. Fulfilling of all the functions defined by the Law on Fiscal Cash Registers, Tax Administration and recommendations by mobile phone operators,

2. Remote administration of fiscal cash registers for the users which want to do the administration on an efficient and economical way as well as to update necessary parameters without the sales processes being interrupted.

ITGcc-04 is designed for the users of  Intracom CR401 Fiscal Cash Registers. It functions as a part of a system for remote fiscal cash registers administration which comprises of fiscal cash register, terminal (controller), server with administrative software, communication subsystem with number of GSM or standard modems.

Communication between the server and the client is authorized and encrypted which protects the system from malpractice. The terminal has the same size of the base as a fiscal cash register and is placed under it. 

The terminal is able to send daily fiscal report and report on volume of sales, update the product data base, generate specific report on the server demand and safe up to 7 daily fiscal reports and up to 7 daily sales volume report in its memory.


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