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Tripod turnstiles ITGbtt

The ITGbtt Box Tripod Turnstile is a post with arms pivoted on the top, set in a passageway so that persons can pass through only on foot, one by one. It is intended to be used at facilities with access control or admission ticketing requirements – airport terminals, railroad and subway stations, office buildings, industrial objects, stadiums, ski resorts, fitness and entertainment facilities and exhibition centers.

We offer eight models. All models are designed as a box tripod turnstiles made from Stainless steel (INOX). There are exit barrier, one way, without electronic control; exit barrier, one-way, intended to the integrators of the system which would use controller different from the model offered by SDD ITG (When you order specify details about output module of the controller); exit barrier, with access control in two directions, aimed to the integrators of the system which would use
controller different from the model offered by SDD ITG; model that accept metal tokens; model equipped with RFID reader or reader/writer; the model equipped with barcode reader instead of the RFID module and the model that contains both RFID module and barcode reader.

Main voltage
     220V / 50Hz AC
 Operating voltage      12V DC
 Throughput with simple counter
     30 persons/min
 Throughput with RFID module and/or barcode reader
     20 persons/min
Operating temperature
     -40°C to +70°C
 Dimensions     800×750×970 mm

Company SDD ITG has developed RFID (smart) card reader/writer. RFID employs Radio Frequency Communications to exchange data between a portable memory device («tag» in a form of plastic card) and a card reader/writer. An RFID system typically consists of a Tag containing data storage, an Antenna to communicate with the Tag, and a Controller (reader/writer) to manage the communication between the Antenna and the PC as well. Tags are powered by inductive coupling (“Passive Tag”). Passive Tags have zero maintenance requirements and virtually unlimited life span.

Box tripod turnstile is designed in such a way that in its internal Flash memory 24000 registered events can be stored (serial number of cards which are detected and identified, tripod turning, etc.) as well as 12000 card serial numbers.

RFID module is available in two versions:
1. MIFARE® read/write device
• operating frequency 13.56 MHz
• recognizes MIFARE® Light and MIFARE® Classic 1kB/4kB smart cards
• supports all layers of ISO 14443A
• typical operating distance 60mm (cards reading and writing)
• host interface at 115200 bps, according to RS232C or RS485
• memorizes over 25000 registered events

2. HITAG™ read/write device
• operating frequency 125 KHz
• recognizes HITAG™ 1, HITAG™ 2 and HITAG™ S smart cards (256/16/0 Bytes)
• typical operating distance 100mm (cards reading and writing)
• host interface at 38400 bps, according to RS232C or RS485
• memorizes over 25000 registered events

Optionally, box tripod turnstile can be equipped by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). In that case a tripod is fully operational even in case of power failure. At least 6 hour a box tripod turnstile can be used without network power supply.
If the PC is located from a reader/writer at the distance that is larger than it is allowed by RS232 standard (more than 15m), it is necessary to install RS232/RS485 converter at a PC side. That device is also our standard product. According to RS485 standard specifications up to 32 reader/writers can be attached to a single PC serial port.

Box tripod turnstile ITGbtt-05 is very practical for it contains both barcode reader and RFID module.

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