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Time of Attendance and Access Control System ActA™

ActA™ is an open and modular system for access control and employees' time of attendance registration. The system supports various working schedules, visitor management, different analyzes and reports.



System for access control on the parking areas ActA™

System for access control on the parking areas ActA™ supports users of various size and complexity. All ActA™ hadware and software modules are developed and produced by SDD ITG.



System for Ticketing and Booking for Sport Centers

System for Booking/ticketing, access control and Time of attendance registration in sport halls is awarded with Special award Discobolos for 2005.

System ITGrc-01, first installed in Center Millennium in Vrsac, Serbia, before beginning of European Basketball Championship 2005. is easily configured to suit sport arenas of various structure, size and price policies.




Bus Station Management System

Bus station management system is a complex system which enables complete automation of the bus station operations through the software package for booking and ticketing, subsystem for the access control and subsystem for the automatic vehicle identification. 



Fuel Dispenser Control System ITGfdc-1

Syistem ITGfdc-1 is protected by patent and multi-awarded system produced by SDD ITG.

ITGfdc-1 system provides fuel tanking only to specially marked vehicles as well as data acquisition of relevant fueling parameters by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to identify vehicle, driver and other information about vehicle and it’s owner. It can be applied to most of the existing fuel dispensers, from which system collects information about volume of tanked fuel. The system prevents non-authorized fueling and provides secure and reliable administration of fueling
procedure, thus minimizing human errors and saving time.



Guard Tour Patrol System – ActA-Guard™

Guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as Security guards patrolling property, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and correctional officers checking prisoner living areas. It helps ensure that the employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a virtually indisputable record for legal or insurance reasons. Such systems have existed for many years using mechanical watchclock-based systems (watchman clocks/guard tour clocks/patrol clocks). Modern systems are based on handheld data loggers and RFID sensors.


Alarm System for Industrial Cabinets

SDD ITG has developed an alarm controller dedicated to access control to industrial cabinets, based on RFID technology.
Working principle is simple. System detects opening of doors of the cabinet. It then leaves certain period of time for a user/serviceman to authenticate using his RFID card on the RFID reader, integrated into the controller. 



System for fixed asset inventory

Each company conducts fixed assets inventory at least once per year in order to control and compare actual and bookkeeping values.
This comprehensive action includes counting, marking and controlling which can last even a few days, depending on number of objects in company’s inventory. And this is not the end. Afterwards, data are entered from inventory lists and further on processed for the final cause – matching inventory results with the values in the company’s books. 

SDD ITG has developed Fixed asset inventory system, based on the RFID technology, which provides faster, easier and more reliable insight in actual state of your fixed asset. 



Automatic Vehicle Identification System

RFID is a wireless technology used in applications to identify and receive information about vehicles passing by the entrance or exit gate, with no need to stop the vehicle or to open window. As the vehicle moves into the reader's area of interrogation, the reader is activated and begins signaling using electromagnetic waves.



Vehicles Scale Control System ACTAV™

Vehicles Scale Control System ACTAV™ is a complete system for vehicles scale management, control and monitoring. It is made to serve companies which have a need to measure the weight of loads i.e. weight of loaded and empty transport vehicles.
 The system is based on the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions. It is to be installed as an add-on to the current vehicles scale with minimal construction works.


Vehicle Tracking and Positioning System ORIS

The product of our partner

Oris-08 represent the system for remote vehicle positioning and tracking, which utilizes many different services such as GPS - for exact location determination, GPRS - for data transfer, Internet - for visual preview via the Web or Desktop application.



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