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Interactive Car Presentation System - Digital Car Show

Digital Car Show is an interactive presentation system that utilizes the most up-to-date presentation technology for attractive interactive presentation of new car models. The key components of the system are Cisco Digital Media Player, large high-resolution monitors (LCD or plazma), high-speed wireless digital link that enables multimedia content transfer in real time and user application. Digital Car Show system is available in two versions - standard and advanced.

Standard version
A visitor of a distributor's fair stand has a possibility to choose a model of car interesitng for him on a touch screen monitor via user-friendly application. The car models are organizes by producers, types and features, so desired model is easy to be found. After the model is selected, the visitor chooses amonge different provided information, such as vehicle data or video clips. Selected content is then displayed on one or more monitors in high resolution and with quality sound reproduction.

Advanced version

Besides the features that standard version offers, this one is enriched with Live View option. By choosing this option visitor could make a contact to a test driver located on the test poligon in desired car model via the appropriate communication infrastructure (wireless link, camera, audio communication). The visitor could observe, live, a test drive and indicate the manuvers he would like the test driver to perform in order to demonstrate car's performances.

System is easy to manage and customise. The user (car distributer) itself can easily and independently change the organisation and content of presentation using administrative application that is an integral part of both standard and advanced versions of Digital Car Show. Through this application user can add, edit or remove categories and car types and attach information content to be dispalyed on the visitor's request.

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