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People counter is based on a simple, reliable and easy to install passage detection unit. Controller is typically a TCP/IP device (optionally RS232 or RS485) which can handle one or two detector pairs. Controller can store in its own memory huge number of events before memory overflow occurs. All controllers are to be connected to user’s TCP/IP infrastructure and monitored by server PC, which downloads data from them on regular, user definable, time intervals. Also, if a store chain has a number of geographically dispersed locations, all people counters can be monitored from one location.

The supplied software package generates a number of reports, highlighting statistical number of attendees on time scale (per hour, day and/or month). Graphical presentation is given on the upper part of window, while query criteria are displayed at the bottom. Basic criteria are Location, Type of graphic and Time interval.

Standard reports
The following reports of the people counter are standard:
- Daily report
- Periodic report per day
- Periodic report per month
Daily report shows number of attendees per hours for selected day.

Periodic report per day shows number of attendees for each day within selected interval (not greater
than one month) Both types of reports are available as with Daily reports.

Periodic report per months is created by selecting beginning and end of interval, which can not be
larger than one year.

Advanced reports

The following are advanced reports of the people counter:
- Weekly report
- Report for daily interval
- Report for a day in a week
Weekly report shows number of attendees for each day of the selected interval. Each day is displayed in different color, but the same day has the same color in all weeks. The average number of attendees for each week is calculated and displayed, making easy to track changes in attendance number. There is legend of color usage.

In order to generate Report for daily interval one must select time interval (start date, end date) as well as time interval within every day. This report can be shown either as bar chart or pie chart.

Report for a day in a week displays attendance number for selected day (for instance: Monday) for
every week within selected interval.


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