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Pervasive Game Controller


Because of the wide use among different consumer groups and advanced technology, mobile phone has become one of the most important and the most used communication medium. On the other side, modern marketing stresses out necessity of personalization of promotional contents and personalization of the product itself.   

SDD ITG has developed a prototype of device for distribution of the contents for mobile phones, which exploits both advantages of mobile technology and personalization provided by RFID technology.
Use is simple – by placing an ID card in front of one of the devices installed on public places, a user, who previously bought an ID card, with credit in it, on one of the sales points, will be able to download desired content on his mobile phone.

Device is portable and stand-alone. It is equiped with RFID reader which enables personalized communication and charging. Communication with mobile phone is based on the bluetooth technology. Application possibilities are limited only by imagination of the creator: distribution of service information, advertising and personalized promotion, distribution of multimedia content, pervasive games etc.

SDD ITG has handed in an application for the patent registration, and we are looking forward to incorporate this interesting innovation into our portfolio.


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