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Presentation-Safety System ProductInfo

ProductInfo is a presentation-safety system designed for small and valuable appliances such as cameras, video recorders, mobile phones etc. Since these products are easy to be stolen, they are usually locked up in a glassy show case. This necessary precaution measure deprives the customers’ presales experience which postpones the act of purchase. It is hard to make a decision on buying a product which you are not able to touch, examine or test, specially when it is a technologically sophisticated product.

System ProductInfo offers a solution for this problem, and more. 

ProductInfo offers a possibility of exposing the products at the open with minimal risks. Each product is connected to the counter by the special cable. Control unit, which manages the system’s operation, detects each detachment or cutting off of the cable and triggers alarm.

In addition, ProductInfo is an attractive presentation system. Concerning the technological complexity of the products it is important that customer receives information about it numerous functions and comparison of different models. This demands considerable attention that sale stuff should pay to each visitor of the shop. It is inevitable that certain number of them leave the object uninformed. They are hardly going to become your customers.

ProductInfo enables simultaneous information support for large number of customers in the absence of the sale stuff. Each time a customer moves a product from its holder system detects as an interest in that particular product. The control unit will launch a presentation, which company can create easily. The presentation will be shown on a large touch screens, placed above the counter. Also, the customer can choose up to 8 devices whose characteristics he would like to compare.
After the presentation is over, special „recoiler“ cable with sensor places the product back into its holder.
System is easy to install and manipulate and it is low time-consuming. Products are arranged simply by placing them into the holder, on the counter. System supports up to 20 devices. Thanks to the specially designed smart label no sticky material stays on the product after it is removed from the system.

System is not annoying. There are no locks, infra-red lenses and keyboards nor disturbing sounds. System provides maximum of security and quality in presentation keeping the product in center of attention. 

Software package is specially designed with user-friendly interface.
Company can independently create stylish, multimedia presentations and provide adjusted up-to-date marketing messages according to the time, place and circumstances. 

The advertising space can increase company’s income if rented to others or can decrese cost of advertising within the sale facilities since the company doesn’t have to spend additional resources for printing and distributing of materials such as brochures.

Attracting the potential customers into the shop requires substantial marketing effort. If you let your shop visitor leave inappropriately served these efforts will produce no effects. ProductInfo can reveal the advantages of your offer on the safe, quality and automated way and will help the customers to decide on which product best meets their needs.


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