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Vehicle Tracking and Positioning System ORIS

The product of our partner

Oris-08 represent the system for remote vehicle positioning and tracking, which utilizes many different services such as GPS - for exact location determination, GPRS - for data transfer, Internet - for visual preview via the Web or Desktop application.
The devise Oris-08D is being installed in the vehicle, which  contains GPS receiver for that determines the exact location. The device contains also the GSM/GPRS module that utilizes mobile phone network for data transfer to the server.

Besides the basic parameters such as speed, direction of movement and exact location, the device can send number of different statuses which can be detected. Those are for example level of accumulator voltage, fuel level, door opening/closing and opening/closing of the car’s trunk, activation of the panic taster as well as specially defined tasters by the end-user. In such a way collected data are sent to the dispatch center where they are processed.

The users of Oris-08 can monitor their vehicles in real time via the web application Oris-08W or specialized Desktop applications Oris-08DA. The device is designed for vehicles tracking and positioning as well as for monitoring of certain events concerning the vehicle.   

The device is designed to supply with power from the main accumulator. In the case of power supply interruption the device will continue with normal functioning using the spare battery. The battery is Li-ion 3.7V 950mAh and can secure working autonomy for at least 6 hours. The length of the battery supply depends on device working mode as well as on basic settings.

Oris-08-D has four working modes.

The main working mode
The main working mode occurs when the key is in the lock and  the vehicle is on the move. The device in the vehicle will send the data on the defined moment in time or for the defined change in direction.

Parking working mode
After a certain period of time after the contact lock is deactivated the device will transfer into the Parking working mode. In this mode the device will send the data only for a certain period of time, predefined in a settings menu.
Sleep mode
After the certain period of time predefined for sleep mode activation, the device will deregister from the GSM network and transfer in the mode with the minimal power consumption. This working mode can be interrupted by placing the key into the lock.  

Moving mode
If the car lock is deactivated while the GPS receiver detects the movement of certain speed in a couple of consecutive readings of the position the device will send a SMS and alert with announcement of unauthorized movement of the vehicle. The device will transfer from the Sleep mode into the Moving mode. The mode activates data sending same as the data sending in the standard mode. The control application on the other hand detects these not as a normal but as an alert.  

Besides these four modes, the device has a possibility of „Error catching“. If any unpredicted error occurs in a program the device will transfer into this mode. The error found will be converted into the text form, packed into the file and sent to the server for analyzes and removal.  

The device is equipped with the tool for firmware updating through the FTP server. After the error analyzing and removal, it is possible to place the program with corrections on the FTP server and send the SMS to the device with the command to download the new firmware. Upon the reception of this message, the device wait the transfer into the Parking mode, then it connects to the FTP server, download the new firmware and installs it. During the download and installation of new firmware the device will not be functional.

We can offer three ways of Oris-08 utilization:
1.    Through the Web application Oris-08W, where the end user has a chance to, via the internet, username and password, access the application where he can preview the vehicle in real time, analyze the movement for a certain period of time and create different types of reports. In this case, the user pays for the device and the monthly subscription of the application utilization.  
2.    The other way of using the Oris is by placing the complete system in the end user headquarters. In this case the data base server with the array of the applications that services the server and specialized desktop application Oris-08DA are being installed. The desktop application ORIS-08DA directly communicates with the data base which has a task to administrate whole fleet of vehicles, visual preview, various type of analyses and reports that improves the vehicle utilization and lead to the significant cost decrease.  
3.    Third way implies using of the Desktop application in the interaction with the data base which is located on our Control Center, via the internet. The client gains the end user application Oris-08D and pays monthly fee for the services of Control Center.
The system enables predefined routs, eliminating eventual delays in transport thus providing to the transporters the possibility to fulfill the needs of their customer on the best possible way.
Thanks to the various analyzes that Oris-08 performs it is possible to optimize the fleet and to influent directly on its productivity. System Oris-08 is flexible and modular enough to respond to the particular demands by the customers, concerning both hardware and software components.


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