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Vehicles Scale Control System ACTAV™

Vehicles Scale Control System ACTAV™ is a complete system for vehicles scale management, control and monitoring. It is made to serve companies which have a need to measure the weight of loads i.e. weight of loaded and empty transport vehicles.

The system is based on the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions. It is to be installed as an add-on to the current vehicles scale with minimal construction works.
Access to the scale is restricted by the barrier and enabled only with valid RFID contact less smart card. If the driver of the vehicle shows the valid RFID card to the reader, the barrier will rise and the access to the scale will be granted. This way, the driver is uniquely identified (his identification data is written in the memory of the RFID card) and if the card is valid the transaction may begin.

Whole process of measuring and sampling is recorded by the IP cameras and archived. This makes review of the conducted transactions from the software simple and quick.
The monitoring and management of the measuring operations is conducted from the software package. The software enables the operator to track and control the operations of the barrier, scale and IP cameras as well as to control the validity of the RFID cards and transactions.

The operator initiates particular steps which must occur in specific, logical order. The system demands for the necessary conditions to be fulfilled in order to perform particular action:
•    Correct order of the measurements of loaded and empty vehicles
•    Vehicle can enter the platform only if the platform is free
•    The barrier will rise only if the vehicle registration plate is recorded
•    The vehicle can leave the platform only if the sampling process has been recorded etc.

The software offers the following features:
•    search of conducted measurements by defined criterion (company, registration number, operator, status, date, period    within the day and measured weight),
•    creation and printing of reports
•    review of video clips and images of particular measurements
•    display of current state of transactions (pairs of measurements for the same vehicle, empty and loaded)

SW technologies
Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008
.NET Framework 3.5
MS SQL Server or MySQL

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